Revitalize Your Body with Trager Therapy

Revitalize Your Body with Trager Therapy Nov, 10 2023

Understanding Trager Therapy

Now, I know what you're thinking. "Adelaide, not another alternative therapy!" I get it, I really do. But let me introduce you to Trager Therapy, a bodywork approach that aims to revitalize our aches and pains free lifestyle. This technique was developed by Milton Trager, an American doctor who believed that physical pain and aching aren't a direct result of aging, but more of acquired tension and body patterns.

Well, what does all that mean? Imagine you're carrying a heavy bag, and you've been carrying it for so long that you've forgotten how light it used to feel. Trager Therapy helps to remind your body what it feels like without the bag. Cool, right? It's as if we're pressing the 'reset' button on our bodily discomforts.

The Magic of Touch

Here's the extraordinary part, unlike other massage therapies, Trager Therapy doesn't target your muscles directly. Instead, it works on your nervous system to release deep-seated tensions. Let's say you're a human knot - all wound up and tense. Because knots don't unknot by themselves, right? Enter Trager Therapy, the relentless physique whisperer, communicating with your muscles through gentle rhythmic movement and light, frictionless touch.

When my darling daughter Evie was small, she was quite colicky and restless. Even forgetful as I am, forgetting where I left my glasses just to find them on top of my head (yes, I am that person!), those endless nights are hard to forget. A kind nurse suggested that I gently rock Evie back and forth, this rhythmic movement would signal her nervous system and would give her comfort. Voila! It worked. And that kind nurse was basically employing a not-too-distant cousin of Trager approach, affectionately known to us now as "baby massage".

Detoxify your Body and Mind with Trager Therapy

Trager Therapy stimulates your blood circulation and kicks monotonous thoughts and pangs out of your mental landscape, which consequently helps in detoxifying both body and mind. Stress-related toxins can lodge in your tissues causing tension, therefore, by releasing these tensions, Trager Therapy essentially helps in detoxifying your system.

It reminds me of the time when I had been feeling very lethargic and realized that I hadn't walked Maximus, my bouncing poodle, to the local park for days. Maximus, who regards a tennis ball in much the same way as I look at a plate full of gourmet cheese, was also visibly down. So, I decided to take a long walk with Maximus and felt invigorated afterward. It was a different kind of detox, but the idea is the same.

Emphasizing Mindful Movement

One of the essential components of Trager Therapy is Mindful Movement. Milton Trager, the founder, believed that physical discomfort arises from old habits, emotional constructs, and repetitive actions, which are recorded in our muscle memory. Therefore, by changing how we move, we could effectively address these discomforts.

A while ago, I started to notice that every time I sat down to write, I would end the day with an aching back. A friend suggested I pay attention to the way I sat and moved. I realized I was hunching over my desk, which was causing the pain. So, I made a conscious effort to improve my posture, relearning how to sit and move. Let's just say, my back sends me thank you notes every day now!

Benefits of Trager Therapy

Now that we have peeled back the layers of Trager therapy, let's dive into the benefits. It enhances your mobility, eases chronic muscular pain, soothes the nervous system, facilitates body awareness, and promotes a state of deep relaxation. Imagine yourself floating, almost as if you were a yellow canary, singing without a care in the world (very much like my own canary, Ada).

Trager Therapy is also said to be beneficial in conditions such as fibromyalgia, back pain, stress, arthritis, and even neurological disorders like Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis. Always remember, though, while Trager Therapy could be a co-passenger on your road to wellness, it's not a replacement for traditional medical care. So, keep your doctor in the loop about all your escapades in alternative therapy wonderland!

Experience of a Trager Therapy Session

Trager Therapy begins with a brief conversation followed by the hands-on session which lasts from 60 to 90 minutes. The client is guided through a series of easy movements. The therapist supports the client's body with gentle, rocking movements to coax the muscles to release stress and tension.

It’s like watching Maximus chasing his tail, round and round with smooth rhythm till he catches it. But, unlike Maximus, we aren't chasing our tails, we are simply letting go of our tensions. The experience is like a soothing lullaby that your body has been yearning to hear.

Finding the Right Practitioner

Like any other therapy, the right practitioner can make all the difference. After all, you wouldn’t want someone fumbling around your hard-earned tensions now, would you? So finding a person who’s thoroughly trained and experienced in Trager Therapy is of utmost importance.

Iterating from my own experience when searching for a piano teacher for Evie, I learned that matching the right person with the right skill is like pairing the perfect wine with the right cheese. The outcome is harmonious. So take your time, do some research, and trust your instinct when choosing a therapy practitioner. It's your wellness melody, so make sure you have the right conductor!

Trager and You: A Happily Ever After

So there you have it, the fascinating world of Trager Therapy in a nutshell. It's all about gentle touches, soothing movements and our body's miraculous ability to heal itself. Look into this avenue if you're searching for another co-pilot on your journey of wholesome wellbeing.

Who knows, Trager may be your very own fairy godmother in disguise! - much like I am to Maximus and Ada (and perhaps slightly less to Evie during math homework). So give Trager a try, and here's to revitalizing our bodies and our lives.